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Jason Jenkins headshotWelcome to the official site of Jason Jenkins – journalist, editor, chocoholic and tech enthusiast. If I’m honest, there aren’t any unofficial Jason Jenkins sites, but it sounded like a good way to start.

I am currently the director of content for CNET in EMEA.  I am responsible for all the content that comes out of our London office and I spend most of the day glued to a screen to make sure the amazing CNET team produce the best in the business.

I have been a journalist for over ten years, writing and presenting for a wide variety of magazines, newspapers and websites. Most of my professional career has been dedicated to covering technology, and I have tested just about every major gadget in the past decade. I remember how excited my old boss was when he received the very first computer with a 1GHz chip in it to review. Now you can buy a phone with a faster processor than that. Progress, eh?

During this time, I have popped up on all of the major news programmes offering expert comment, including Newsnight, BBC Breakfast, Sky News, ITV News and the World Service.

At the moment I am particularly interested in wearables and smart appliances. We are right at the start of the journey with these product categories and I’m looking forward to charting their progress over the next few months and years. Do we need a tweeting fridge? No, but I get a sense that adding Internet connectivity to all kinds of gadgets is going to pay off somehow in the end.

A little-known fact about me is that my very first journalist gig was reviewing Angels by Robbie Williams. The gist of my review was “it’s very good, if you can ignore the fact it’s Robbie Williams singing”. Thankfully, my writing has improved since then.

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